Welcome to Ships of Hagoth

A Latter-day Saint Digital Voyage

Hagoth’s ships were not designed for a pleasure cruise through charted territory. They were vessels of discovery and exploration, built and boarded with only a general course charted.

The same is true of this website. Informed by the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, Ships of Hagoth explores culture the world over. In keeping with the curious spirit of our namesake, we echo these words of Michel de Montaigne:

I propose formless and undetermined fancies... to be after disputed upon in the schools, not to establish truth but to seek it... let what I here set down meet with correction or applause; it shall be of equal welcome and utility to me.

We'll do our best to be intellectually honest, faithful to our heritage as Latter-day Saints and respectful to those we encounter along the way. If we reveal our ignorance with an audacious, unqualified, half-baked argument--or if you feel we haven't gone far enough--speak up. We're eager to learn.

Discerning Celestial Homesickness

Mormon or not, we are all children of God; even the most cynical atheist is groping homeward. Ships of Hagoth attempts to discern how this "celestial homesickness" is manifest the world over.

Digital Scholarship

Ships of Hagoth is committed to the practice of digital scholarship as it encourages risk taking, accountability, and collaboration in absence of traditional distribution barriers. Click here for more information on digital scholarship.


Ships of Hagoth is neither supported nor endorsed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The content of each post, including the accuracy and interpretation of scriptural or otherwise authoritative quotations, is the full and exclusive responsibility of the contributor credited with authorship.